Professional Peer Consultation

Do you have a burning medical question or you have encountered a medical condition you would want professional help? Daktari Online eConsult has a solution for you.

Access to expert advice remains a barrier for primary care providers across Africa. We have established a virtual consultation for use across a wide range of cadres and specializations. Join our community of healthcare professionals and ask questions, share cases,follow discussions and get timely responses.

The platform provides an avenue to connect with peers and seniors, ask, learn and follow great discussions on the eConsult space

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Share your clinical case and get other healthcare professionals to solve it.

Share Cases

Share a clinical case with images for professional discussion and solution via the e-consult.

Peer Solution

Users will tackle the case via e-consult discussion and offer practical solutions to the case.


E-Consult provides an opportunity for practical learning while solving real life cases via discussions.

How It Works?

Join a community of 17k+ healthcare professionals for peer-to-peer discussions.


Fill in the registration form to create an account on the platform.


Activate your account and login to access the user dashboard.


Navigate to the community section and click on E-Consult to join the e-consult space.



Share your case for professional help or follow discussions and solutions to cases on the e-consult space.


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