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What’s New On Daktari Online Africa?

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What’s New On Daktari Online Africa?

The pace of technological innovations in the medical learning industry today is growing as it is exciting_ but staying up to date with all the current trends can be difficult.

That’s why we launched the new Daktari Online medical learning management system, bringing together healthcare professionals across Africa to learn, connect, collaborate, and network. (You can find out more here)
This was just one step in our mission to improve patient care outcomes through continuous medical education.

Here are some of the newest updates and additions to the Daktari Online Africa learning platform.

Learn From Anywhere With Our Medcast Series

Are you stuck in traffic? Looking to pivot your current experiences into your next opportunity? No matter what you are doing, learning continues with our new medical podcast.

Start learning, and earn CPD points with simplified concepts, and listen as we discuss essential concepts in Medicine, Ethics, and emerging issues in Public health.

Frame Your Professional Space with HCP Connect  

We believe in better connections. And to stay true to this promise, the HCP connect feature now brings under one roof healthcare professionals from all parts of Africa to hundreds of resources including training, career opportunities, and a chance to connect directly to the experts.  

Enjoy The Thrill Of Solving Real Cases With E-Consult

The e-consult feature allows you to consult, engage and discuss medical cases with your colleagues. Get into an immersive medical case study to sharpen your medical skills.

Discover New learning and Career Opportunities

Curious about what you could do? Find out how about job and career opportunities available in your cadre and make the first move to advance your medical career.

Check Out Daktari Online For Institutions

To drive organizational growth, medical institutions need people with skills. On the other end, many healthcare professionals are stuck with junk information from all directions.  

With connections to both of these groups, Daktari Online is in a strategic and unique position to help institutions tailor their training for their specific needs, organize and help manage their teams seamlessly.

Daktari Online also provides an avenue for fast, efficient, secure, and more targeted communication with healthcare providers.

In a Nutshell…

Designed solely for healthcare professionals and institutions, the new platform offers experiential learning, connections, greater innovative opportunities, and possibilities while shaping medical learning in Africa.
Apart from access to career development resources, you get a network of like-minded colleagues to inspire and also learn from. Join Daktari Online, or Sign up your team at Africa’s leading medical resource centre.

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