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How to Get Involved in Healthcare Leadership and Governance


How to Get Involved in Healthcare Leadership and Governance

Effective leadership and governance in healthcare are critical in delivering quality healthcare services. You will notice the effect on the entire healthcare system once there is a problem at the leadership and governance levels.

Unfortunately, only a few healthcare professionals are willing to take part in leadership and governance. This has been one of the Achilles' heels in the healthcare system. Others include limited resources, poor infrastructure, and a shortage of skilled healthcare professionals.

Let's take a walk and learn why you should step into leadership and governance in healthcare. Also, I will share how you can begin engaging in healthcare leadership.

Why You Should Step Into Leadership and Governance Roles

Unique Perspectives

One key benefit of your stepping into leadership is the unique perspective that you will bring on board. Your understanding of the challenges in healthcare will enhance the quality of proposed solutions to healthcare challenges.

Regardless of your cadre, you have an intimate knowledge of the day-to-day reality of providing care. This knowledge can help in making practical and reality-based decisions.

Build Trust and Clear Communication

Your experience can help build trust between healthcare providers and patients. You can make your patients feel heard and understood by clearly communicating with them. This may improve patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Also, this can help build trust and confidence in our healthcare system, which is critical for ensuring that people continue seeking care when needed.

Expected Challenges

Of course, getting involved in leadership and governance roles has its challenges. 

You may need to develop new skills and knowledge in strategic planning and financial management, among others. Such skills will make you an effective leader. 

Besides, you may need to navigate complex political and bureaucratic systems to make real change.

Nonetheless, these challenges are surmountable. Invest in your personal development - you'll be good to go. 

How to Get Involved in Leadership and Governance

Embrace Collaboration and Communication

At the heart of effective healthcare leadership and governance are collaboration and communication. You must be willing to work as a team to identify areas where you can improve patient care and outcomes.

Have honest conversations with your colleagues about the challenges you face at work. This will help to find solutions that benefit everyone.

Be Your Patients' Advocate

As a service provider, take an active role in advocating for your patients and their families. Learn to speak up when you see policies or practices that are not in the best interest of your patients. 

Your voice in advocacy efforts can help shape the conversation around healthcare policies and practices.

Be Involved in Decision-making Processes

Another way to step into leadership and governance roles is by getting involved in the decision-making process that affects your work. 

Whether through participation in local health committees or by joining a professional body, you can make your voice heard and help to shape the policies and practices that govern your work.

Build Your Leadership and Governance Skills

Finally, sign up for ongoing education and training to build leadership and governance skills. These skills will make you a better patient advocate and a more effective leader in your workplace.

By and large, you can play a role in transforming the healthcare system in Kenya by stepping into leadership and governance roles. You do not need a leadership position to effect a positive change. All you need is to build the necessary skills and be willing to rise to the challenge.

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