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Daktari Online for Institutions offers a wide range of features on the platform to offer you a seemless and unrivaled experience.

Tailor Made Solutions

Fulfil your organization's specific requirements effortlessly and accurately and deliver excellent patient care.

Lower Training Costs

Create or choose your own e-learning courses/activities for your team. Save and optimize on training expenditure).


Monitor your team's progress ensuring members stay up to date with compliance, training and other educational initiatives.

Real-time reports & analytics

With our comprehensive dashboard, you will assess, track and plan your team with accurate analysis.

Professional Development

Improve your team's competence, professionalism, medical knowledge and skills for the best patient care.

Quick deployment of new training material

Partner with us to assist you package your perfect solutions for your team and use our learning platform for your team.

Simplify your hiring

Don’t know where to start? We will help you find the right talent for your organization. With our careers portal, feel confident to find the right talent.

Talent Management

Adopt a talent management element that provides you with employee training and management. Hire the best talents and keep them ahead of the curve.

Drive institution outcomes with our learning strategy

Upskill at the pace of change and grow from there

Engage, develop, and retain your team

  Cultivate a learning culture at your institution

  Support your workforce throughout the employee lifecycle

  Invest in your employees’ growth and development

Build a future-ready workforce

  Use learning to navigate change and support business continuity

  Train your teams on the latest patient care skills

  Give your employees a boost with our evidence-based leranng programs

Get real-time reports & analytics

  Access the dashboard and follow staff progress

  Get reports on staff learning/course uptake

  Review analytics to make informed decisions

Partner with us on your learning strategy

  Get a learning solution that’s tailored to your needs

  Work with a customer success partner to tie learning to institution outcomes

  Reduce training costs with your learning plan

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Upskill employees on their schedule

We’ve got everything you need to deliver flexible and effective skills development for your entire workforce.

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This is the basic plan which offers units for you to purchase resources on the platform.

  • Up to 15 Users
  • Get: 20 units per user
  • Unit cost: 200 per unit
  • Get institution dashboard
  • Get user analytics
  • Lifetime Access

RegularSave 10%

Kshs. 135,000

Save 10% on this plan and get units for 25 learners.

  • Up to 25 Users
  • Get: 30 units per user
  • Unit cost: 180 per unit
  • Get institution dashboard
  • Get user analytics
  • Lifetime Access

Value Save 25%


Get value and save 25% on this plan and get units for 50 learners.

  • Up to 50 Users
  • Get: 40 units per user
  • Unit cost: 150 per unit
  • Get institution dashboard
  • Get user analytics
  • Lifetime Access


We are here to help you

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  • Government agencies
  • Prevention Agencies
  • Organizations that care about developing a strong and effective team.

Yes. Custom courses are available. Please let us know your custom course/ CME needs and we will get it set up. Call or email us.

Yes. Daktari Online for Institutions is created understanding that each organizations needs are different. You can custom your e-learning content to meet your organizational goals. You can also use our available CME short causes and series.

No, all you need is the latest version of your web browser

We have a package for every need. Kindly refer to our plans above for a tailor made solution for your institution.

Yes, users will see their courses completion status to check course progress and results on tests.

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